Degree Programme in Kindergarten Teacher Education

Are you interested in educating, teaching and taking care of small children?

Language of tuition is Finnish.

If the answer is yes, the Degree Programme in Kindergarten Teacher Education is the ideal choice for you. The programme is an excellent springboard to positions in the vibrant and humane field of early education. The programme provides an opportunity to study and work in a well-knit community. Upon your graduation, Finland will have another true expert in the field of early education. (This programme is not for international students, you have to understand Finnish language properly.)

Why to Apply

Already after three years of studies, you will be qualified to work as a kindergarten teacher. There is an acute need for kindergarten teachers in Finland. After the studies, you will have the pedagogical qualifications required in the Early Education Act and thus, you will be properly educated for the profession of a kindergarten teacher. In the field of early education, there are people with different qualifying degrees. Your degree will be highly valued by employers. After all, you will be pedagogically and highly educated.

Content of Studies

The three-year programme in Kindergarten Teacher Education leads to the Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree with Education as the major subject, especially early childhood education. Kindergarten teacher students have some subjects, such as Education, in common with class and subject teacher students. Thus, the students get to familiarise themselves with the basic questions and ways of thinking in the field of Education. Especially in the Early Childhood Education studies the focus is on early childhood pedagogy and pre-primary education.  

Post-Graduate Studies

The kindergarten teacher’s bachelor level degree provides students with the possibility to continue their studies and become special education teachers for kindergartens, special education teachers, class teachers, adult education teachers or to pursue studies in the arts. We encourage everyone interested in the education and upbringing of small children to study Early Childhood Education. Students can also find employment in educator positions in university-level education. Students are also free to pursue postgraduate studies in early education and earn a Doctorate. The employment prospects spread beyond the national level into international networks.

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