Degree Programme in multi-material-based Craft Teacher Education

Communal Learning

Craft teachers are creative and multi-material-based skilled experts.

In the Degree Programme in Craft Teacher Education we emphasise multi-materiality (hard and soft materials) and multidisciplinarity, application of skills and knowledge, planning and problem solving. We also highlight the importance of communality and team work in exercises that support the development of expertise and an exploratory approach. We emphasise handicrafts’ connection to the well-being of individuals, the surrounding environment and society.

Creative and Humane Field

Craft teachers work with different kinds of people and groups.

The work of a craft teacher consists of working with students, encouraging them and helping them to understand and gain new insights. As an expert profession it conveys knowledge and skills, but at the same time, seen from the viewpoint of its teaching purpose and the school subject of crafts, it is also a creative profession.

Craft teacher students major in Craft Science which provides them with skills and knowledge related to crafts, both to techical work and textile work. The studies will help students to acquire a wide understanding of the design and manufacturing of handicrafts and of conducting research in Craft Science. Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies, which contains a teaching practice, provides students with the teacher qualification and competence to work with different and different-aged learners.

A craft teacher’s work is, very much like other teaching work, an ethical profession where the teacher’s aim is to support the growth and development of learners and the goal-oriented activity of groups. Craft teachers work in close cooperation with other professionals in the field of education, with various education and crafts networks and with their local cultural agents.

Various Possible Career Paths

Craft teachers are competent in various jobs.

Through their choice of minor subjects, students may also become qualified to teach other subjects in basic education, upper secondary education and in various adult education institutions. The graduates may also find employment in other positions in the fields of education, social services, cultural life and business. These positions could be, for example, in municipal education services, in the field of liberal adult education or in the fields of commerce and media. After the completion of the programme, students can also proceed to postgraduate studies and get qualifications for working as a university teacher or a researcher.

Master’s Degree in Five Years

The programme leads to the Master of Arts (Education) degree with Craft Science as the major subject.

Students complete the Bachelor’s degree first (3 years) and then the Master’s degree (2 years). Generally the studies take five years to complete but students can plan their personal study schedule and thus change or speed up their studies.

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