Multidisciplinary Study Programme in Basic Education, 60 ECTS

The Multidisciplinary Study Programme in Basic Education (60 ECTS) together with the Master’s degree and teacher’s pedagogical studies provide the students with a class teacher’s and a special education teacher’s qualification. The studies equip students with a broad-based competence for teaching classes 1-6 in basic education.

The studies are divided into four thematic fields:

  1.  Interaction
  2.  Learning community
  3.  Involvement and society
  4.  Expression and culture

The aim of the study programme is that by the completion of the programme, students will be able to plan, implement and assess curricula, and apply the basics of different subjects in regards of pedagogy and content, put integrative curricula into practice and take learning difficulties and different fields’ research knowledge into account in their teaching. Overarching themes in the programme include multiculturalism, sustainable future, social gender and equality, information and communication technology and special education viewpoint.

The studies include both compulsory (55 ECTS) and optional (5 ECTS) study units. The offered study units vary. The courses are confirmed every year when the curriculum is approved. Study units that have been completed in other faculties or in an exchange programme can be included in the module if the contents of these study units are connected to the subjects teached in classes 1-6 and their pedagogy.

Contact Information

University Lecturer Anu Hartikainen-Ahia
0294 45 2541

Amanuensis Anne Loikkanen
0294 45 2798