Bioaerosol laboratory

The bioaerosol laboratory includes basic equipment for collecting and analyzing material, surface and air samples for microbiological analyses as well as special equipment for experimental bioaerosol work. The group has the capability to generate bioaerosols from laboratory media or from contaminated building materials using an FSSST-generator (Fungal Spore Source Strength Tester), which was specifically designed to simulate dry aerosolization of fungal spores. Bacterial aerosols are generated with a Collison nebulizer that better stimulates the droplet aerosolization of bacteria.

The basic research includes the studies on the growth, sporulation and aerosolization of fungi and characterization of fungal fragments. The applied research includes for example, investigation of the behavior of bioaerosols in air samplers and air cleaners and studies on the storage of microbiological samples to be used for various types of assays.


  • Optical particle counter TSI OPS 3330, particle number concentration and size distribution between 0,3-10 µm
  • Bioaerosol generators: Collison nebulizer, FSSST
  • Mycometer / Bactiquant equipment for the analysis of fungal  / bacterial enzyme activity
  • Olympus and Dino-Lite light microscopes
  • Andersen 6-stage samplers
  • Several test chambers made of glass (V=1-20 dm3) or steel (V=120 dm3)
  • Incubation chambers
  • Access to SEM and TEM microscopes equipped with XRF analyzer for elemental analysis