Enhancing the Color Reproduction of Soapstone Tile Images

Tulikivi PLC was facing the challenge of reproducing the color shades of soapstone tile images as naturally as possible on display equipment in the company’s auditorium. The company uses the auditorium for personnel trainings and presentations of its product range. The lighting and the data projector used in the auditorium did not, however,
succeed in reproducing the product images in sufficiently high quality.

The soapstone tiles were spectrally imaged and the data projector’s color reproduction was characterized using color measurement and computational methods developed by the InFotonics Center Joensuu. This enabled the product images to be reproduced in their natural shades.

With the image on the display equipment now closer to reality, Tulikivi PLC is better able to train its personnel to carry out quality management. Furthermore, the new color reproduction method makes it easier for Tulikivi PLC to present the product range for its customers. 

Research Collaboration with the InFotonics Center Joensuu: Tulikivi PLC, a member of the Tulikivi Group, manufactures heat-retaining fireplaces and natural stone products. For more information on the company, see: www.tulikivi.com.