Service Concept and Areas of Competence

With our service concept, we:

Participate in the planning and implementation of service research, implement analysis services for the needs of industry and research teams, take part in projects and project launches, support basic research and the commercialisation of products, network with businesses and research institutes, network with businesses and research institutes.

Our areas of competence are:

Polymers and composite materials, micro and nano level surface phenomena, materials modelling and coordination, and the study of macromolecular compound structures, the application of photonics to micro and nano structures, spectrometry and spectral imaging, computational data analysis, information technology and software development for various interfaces, the study of the micro and nano level structure, composition and mechanical characteristics of biomaterials, and their interactions in various applications, digitisation services for natural science collections, in particular imaging, automated mass-digitisation, and methodological development.e concept.