Sample Preparation Equipment

Electron microscopy laboratory

  • NEW: Leica Ultracut UC; Ultra microtome

  • Reichert-Jung Ultracut E; Ultra microtome

    • Accessory: Cryo device (FC 4E; Reichert-Jung, Austria)

    • Accessory: Cryo fixation device (KF 80; Reichert-Jung, Austria)

  • Reichert-Jung Lynx EM Tissue Processor; Tissue processor for EM samples

  • Leica Ultrostainer; Staining device

  • Reichert-Jung Ultratrim; Trimming device

  • Reichert AFS; Freeze substitution system

  • Balzers CPD 010; Critical point dryer

  • Quorum Technologies K850; Critical point dryer

  • NEW: Leica EM RES102; ion beam milling device for processing EM specimens (installation 1/2015)

  • NEW: Leica EM TXP; for pre-processing EM specimens (installation 1/2015)

  • NEW: Leica EM ACE600; for finalizing the EM specimens (installation 2/2015)

  • Polaron Equipment Sputter Coater E 5100; Coating device

  • Agar Scientific Automatic Sputter Coater B7341; Coating device

  • JEOL JEE-4B; Vacuum evaporator

  • LKB Knife Maker 7801 B; knife-making device

Hard tissue laboratory

  • Macro Exakt 310 CP; Macro cutting system

  • Exakt 400 CS; Micro grinding system

  • Reichert-Jung Polycut S; Hard tissue microtome

  • Small equipment for tissue processing (Exakt)


For additional information, please contact: Arto Koistinen or chief laboratory technicians Virpi Miettinen (Electron microscopy) and  Ritva Savolainen (Hard tissue)