Defining the Color Reproduction Capability of Printing Inks

Printing house PunaMusta Ltd. wanted to determine the color reproduction capability of the printing inks it had taken into use, because the color shades in images produced in trial runs were not what the company had expected. Color reproduction capability refers to the number of different color shades that can be produced with printing inks. Moreover, PunaMusta Ltd. was keen to know how illumination would affect the color of the prints. 

The InFotonics Center Joensuu carried out a spectral measurement of the company’s test color chart and conducted a computational analysis of the measurement data. The InFotonics Center Joensuu also defined the number of color shades possible to produce with the printing inks and determined how different illumination affects the quality of color reproduction. 

Determining the color reproduction capability of printing inks will help PunaMusta Ltd. to improve the color management of its prints and it also provides accurate information on the obtainable image quality.

Research Collaboration with the InFotonics Center Joensuu: PunaMusta Ltd is part of the Pohjois-Karjalan Kirjapaino concern’s printing division, with products ranging from various newspapers, magazines and brochures to direct marketing materials. For more information on the company, see: