SIB Labs projects

The unit's own projects are related to development of the research methods and infrastructure as well as to applied research and research services. Furthermore, we participate actively to research projects carried out in other departments at the university.


Ongoing projects:

Project name Short description Beginning Ending
MaTKI (Local council EAKR) The project aims to harnessthe research infrastructure and the materials technology expertise in the educational environments in the region to give advance for the R & D activities in local companies. The project is carried Material Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) institutions, Savonia University of Applied Sciences experts and Savo's technology for Education (AO) fields of co-operation. 2016 2019
FinBIF (Suomen Akatemia) Development of national infrastructure for digitisation of natural history collections, development of services for data analyses 2015 2017
ESR: Digitointia kylille / ESF: Digitisation goes rural Technical solutions will be changed into an e-market place where remote transcribers are able to offer their services to owners of natural history collections. 2015 2016
BIoDemoverstas Pohjois-Savo The project is developing and testing new materials derived from bio-based products and their commercialization. 2015 2017
CSIBIOMED (Tekes) Tekes-funded project for spectral imaging applications in biological and biomedical applications. 2016 2017
Novel spectroscopic methods for early detection and screening of oral cancer (Tekes-funding for Indo-Finnish collaboration) Joint project between Finland/Kuopio and India/Mumbai aims to clarify the potential of novel spectroscopic methods for early, noninvasive detection and screening of oral cancer. The purpose is to find the most essential spectral features and metabolites (biomarkers) associated with saliva of oral cancer patients. 2014 2017
MIF - Microplastics in Finnish Wates (Academy of Finland funding) The pervasive presence of microplastics (MP) in aquatic systems has been demonstrated recently in several studies, however, their biological impacts are largely unknown. The project will focus on MP load coming from stormwater discharge and its impact on aquatic biota, both in Finnish coastal waters and freshwaters. MP types will be characterized by applying newest material identification methods to biological and environmental samples. 2016 2020
FOKUDEMO Demonstration of photonic-sensors and high-technology for the control of forest-biorefinery. 2016 2017
Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH) Research, development and application of non-contact optical measurement techniques (spectral and spatial), adapted to the needs of heritage documentation 2012 2016

Previous projects:

Project name Short description Beginning Ending
TimTekno Tekes-funded project for machine vision applications in sawmill industry. 2010 2012
BioVeL (EU FP7) Development of infrastructure of e- services and workflows for biodiversity science 2011 2014
EU BON (EU FP7) Buiding the European Biodiversity Observation Network, as contribution to GEOSS 2012 2017
HR-SEM (Korkean resoluution pyyhkäisyelektronimikroskoopin hankinta) The project aimed for the purchase of a nanometer-level high resolution scanning electron microscope (HRSEM) for detailed analysis of surfaces. The analysis of the material damage, the material endurance in the prevailing environments, the compatibility of the materials, or any anomalies in production processes is an essential starting point for surface studies. 2012 2014
MatTKI (Materiaaliteknologian T&K&I -toimintaa tukevan infrastruktuurin kehittämishanke) The main goal was to the best possible add-on equipment for the academic research and the partners. The addition was put into service through the pilot studies. One result of the project was the high number of companies interested in the technology, and the estimated demand in the future. 2014 2015
Norpyro (Pohjoinen ulottuvuus ja termisten puunesteiden raaka-aineet, ominaisuudet ja teollinen käyttö) Aim was to investigate how pyrolysis products production method and growht site and conditions of raw material come up in chemical analysis and activity and industirial appliciability. 2013 2014
Puun hidaspyrolyysitekniikan teolliset sovellukset biojalostuksessa The project developed an industrial scale transferable and commercializable process in which wood (e.g. small diameter wood, thinnings and tops, stumps, etc.) are utilized in new comprehensive and ecologicall way. 2011 2014
Biojalostamon toteuttamisselvitys The aim of the project was to find if prylosis is a feasible technology for small-diameter wood based biorefinary. 2011 2013
NANOTEM (Nanokokoluokan läpäisyelektronimikroskopian kehittämishanke) The aim of the project was to acquire a competitive device to eastern Finland in order to study and observe nanometric materials and structures, as well as intracellular organelles and thereby strengthen the operational environment and knowledge for high- level research and R & D work needs.. 2009 2011
ORALDENT (Uudet spektroskooppiset menetelmät suusairauksien diagnostiikkaan), Tekes The project aimed to clarify the suitability of novel spectrocopic methods for diagnostics of oral diseases. A particular focus was on development of measurement techniques for quantitative composition analysis of salivary samples. 2011 2013
Olympus/Tekes Tekes-funded joint research project between Finland/Joensuu and Japanese/Olympus focused on spectral imaging. The project goals were conducting fundamental research, generating industrial aplications and prototyping. 2013 2015