Electron Microscopy Course, 2.5 Credits


Electron microscopy is a specialized microscopy technique utilizing electrons for imaging, which enables imaging of specimens even in sub-nanometer scale. Electron microscopy is applicable for wide range of research, including mammalian or plant tissues and cells, or material science samples. Thus, course is suitable for post-graduate students from various fields of research (medicine, pharmacy, physics, chemistry,…). The course gives a good background and knowledge of the methodology and of the use of modern electron microscopes.


Aim of the course is to familiarize the students to sample preparation process and requirements, and to principles of operation and usage of the electron microscopes (SEM and TEM). Full sample preparation process will be covered in the exercises during the course. In practical work, the students will image samples related to their research in pair work and the findings will be presented to other students.

Course director: Research Manager Arto Koistinen, phone. 044-716 3260, arto.koistinen@uef.fi

Course language; english

Course will be organized next time; spring 2015