Electron Microscopy

  • Fei Company, XL30 ESEM; scanning electron microscope (SEM) for the study of the surface structure and elemental composition of samples, using an EDS detector. Magnification capability approx. 20x – 50,000x. ESEM mode for inspecting moist samples.

  • NEW! Zeiss Sigma HD VP;  scanning electron microscope (SEM). For studying surface characteristics of the specimens in high resolution (specified resolution less than 1.0 nm @ 15 kV). The microscope is equipped with two EDS detectors (Thermo Noran, 60 mm2) and various detectors for (STEM, In-lens, BSE, STEM, VP). Thus, several kinds of specimens can be studied, e.g. thin sections in addition to typical specimens. Further, non-conductive specimens can be imaged with the aid of variable-pressure mode, and 3D surface structure can be reconstructed with a dedicated software.

  • JEOL JEM-2100F; transmission electron microscope (TEM) for the inspection of the interior structures of samples at high resolution.Magnification capability 50x – 1,500,000x in standard TEM work, resolution < 0.2 nm. Includes STEM mode and an EDS analyser for determining elemental compositions.