Courses Organized by SIB Labs

General post-graduate courses

SIB Labs (Biomaterials lab at Kuopio Campus) is responsible for two post-graduate courses at University of Eastern Finland: Electron Microscopy (2.5 credits) and Optical Microscopy (2.0 credits). During the courses, both theoretical and practical aspects of modern microscopy are discussed. The students will learn the operation of the microscopes as well as principles of sample preparation in the practical work.

The courses will be organized in every other year; Electron Microscopy will be held in autumn 2016 and Optical Microscopy will be held in 2017 (detailed schedule will be announced later).

More information can be found through the links above or from the course director Arto Koistinen (phone 044-716 3260 or email: arto.koistinen[at]