Infrastructure - Chemistry Department (Joensuu)


FTIR spectrometer - characterization of chemical structure of materials

400 MHz NMR spectrometry - characterization of chemical structure of materials

Uv-vis-NIR spectrometer - characterization of chemical structure of materials, measurement of colour, transmission and reflection properties

FTICR mass spectrometer - analyzation of chemical structure and composition of materials

Ion trap-mass spectrometer - analyzation of chemical structure and composition of materials

Microscopy methods

Atomic force microscopy (AFM + m-TA) - Imaging of surface structures in micometer scale, thermal conductivity and melting

Scanning electron micrscope (FE-SEM) and Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) - examination of structure of materials in nano meter scale and measurement of elemental composition

Optical microscope (imaging) - structure of materials

FTIR imaging - evaluation of structure and chemical composition of materials, chemical mapping

Integrated Raman-AFM microscopies - combination of surface profile and chemical structure of materials, chemical structure as a function of sample depth (confocal)

Thermal analysis equipments

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) - measurement of enthalpy change involved in chemical and physical transitions of materials, study of glass transition and melting temperatures of polymers  

Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) - measurement of weight loss of materials as a function of elevated temperature

Temperature programmed desorption (TPD) - temperature controlled reactivity of materials under oxidative or reductive conditions

Thermal mechanical analysis (TMA) - measurement of thermal expansion of materials, Gas adsorption - physisorption and chemisorption based examination of surface areas and reactive surface sites of materials

Computation clusters

Computation clusters (1800 prosessors) - molecular modeling, prediction of strucuture and properties of materials

3D printer - preparation of 3D structure models

X-ray diffraction

Diffractometers  (single crystal) - characterization of molecular structure

Diffractometer  (powder) - structure of powder form samples, identification of materials  and measurement of crystallinity

Diffractometer (protein) - molecular structure of proteins

Mechanical materials testing

Tribometer -  friction and wear properties of materials

Material testing device - tensile and flexural testing of materials

Other instrument for materials research

Gel cromatography (GPC) - measurement of molar mass and dispersity of polymers

Contact angle (CA) - wettability of materials, contact angle and surface tension

Elemental analyzer - quantitative analysis of nitrogen, sulphur, hydrogen and carbon

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) - examination of molocule and particle size.

Preparation, tooling and coating of materials

Midi extruder - melting and homogenization of polymers and polymer based blends or composites

Mini injection molding device - injection molding in laboratory scale, preparation of test specimen

Sputter coater - coating of materials with metals

Ultra microtome - preparation of material samples

Atomic layer epitaxy (ALD) - chemical coating of materials

RIE-ICP plasma system (O2, Ar, CF4, He ja N2) - tailoring of surafce structure and chemistry of materials