Biomaterials laboratory is located in Kuopion campus and it is responsible for research, development and services related to microscopy and biorefining, that both are key techniques in our university.

Microscopy masteres e.g. electron microscopes (HR-SEM and TEM) and corresponding specimen preparation techniques particularly for biological samples. The protocols have been developed since the 1970s ja lately in 2010s the infrastructure is modernized by acquiring new microscopes as well as equipment for versatile specimen preparation techniques. Material characterization methods are complemented by e.g. microCT and material testing devices.

Most important research topics include tissue-material interactions, surface structures and compositional analyses. For more information: Microscopy

Biorefining is an exceedingly growing research area in our university. We have developed techniques for refining for nearly 15 years. Key techniques covered by us include slow pyrolysis and thermal processing. Speficially, we are interested in molecules separated from biomasses utilizing these techniques. Our biorefining include both continuous and batch processes, and our analysis techniques are suitable for solid, liquid or gaseous fractions.

For more information: Biorefining (pdf)

The head of laboratory: Research Manager Arto Koistinen.