SIB Labs


SIB Labs collects and markets the top expertise and equipment infrastructure of the University of Eastern Finland in the fields of biomaterials and materials technology as well as imaging technology including spectral colour research and applications of photonics.

Our operations are based on long-term basic research in the natural sciences and close cooperation with other internationally recognised research organisations. We promote the transfer of technologies in the field and serve the research needs of research units and industrial partners. Through us, you will have access to the top expertise of 200 scientists, as well as modern measurement and research equipment, all through one contact.

SIB Labs offers a professional, accessible infrastructure with competent operators. Our multi-disciplinary, constantly evolving hardware infrastructure is worth nearly 20 million euros. It consists of more than 130 research instruments with wide-ranging applications, as well as a considerable amount of specialised laboratory equipment. 

We have extensive experience of developing competence in the fields of photonics and materials technology and the transfer of that competence into commercial use. Our unit has laboratories and staff in both Joensuu and Kuopio, making us genuinely accessible in two university towns.

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