Our first graduate!

First graduate from Master’s Programme in International Economic and Resources Law: “Energy is the very glue that holds life together”

For his Master's degree, Dayann Obeng-Darko conducted a comparative legal study about renewable energy in Ghana and the EU.

The two-year Master's Degree Programme in International Economic and Resources Law, provided by the UEF Law School, focuses on the legal frameworks surrounding trade in public assets and resources, such as energy, food and technological infrastructure. The programme started in the autumn semester2014, and admits a maximum of 20 students per year.

Dayann Obeng-Darko, the first graduate from the programme, decided to pursue a second Master's degree after working in international business and marketing for a few years. Obeng-Darko wanted to broaden his outlook and develop a strong understanding of the legal aspects of global trade and, most importantly, of the trade of energy products.

“Not much of economic activity can be undertaken without energy; perhaps, one could say, it is the very glue that holds life together,” he says.

Obeng-Darko conducted a comparative legal study about renewable energy in Ghana and the EU. He felt an urge to continue his career as a researcher and after graduating from the programme in just one and half years, he ended up pursuing a doctoral degree in law at the UEF Law School.

“If anyone has the passion and the desire to study law and how it influences every aspect of life, then this Master’s degree programme at the UEF Law School is the right choice for the person. The beauty of it all is that, the educational background of an individual is not an impediment to their chances of being admitted to the programme nor does it hamper his or her studying efforts,” Obeng-Darko says, encouraging others to take on the challenge.

“We are happy to see that students excel in their studies and bring their culturally and professionally diverse backgrounds into the classroom. Diversity enriches the discussion and makes for a fuller understanding of complex regulatory problems. The MDP in International Economic and Resources Law empowers our graduates to engage legally in societal debate on pressing issues; a skill highly sought after by contemporary employers,” says Katja Lindroos, Professor of Commercial Law and the Head of the programme.

The UEF Law School offers the MDP in International Economic and Resources Law as well as the cross-disciplinary MDP in Environmental Law and Policy. In line with Finnish law, tuition fees will be introduced for students from countries outside the EU/ETA starting in the autumn semester 2017. The UEF Law School will have a scholarship programme for accomplished students and is confident that its programmes and curriculum will attract skilled and motivated students in the future as well.

For further information about the Master's Degree Pprogramme in International Economic and Resources Law, please contact:

Katja Lindroos, Professor, tel. +358 50 529 3839, katja.lindroos(at)

Text and photo: Oskari Korhonen