Exchange students

Courses offered on the Master 's Degree Programme in Public Health are available for short-term exchange students (3-9 months) applying through exchange agreements between the University of Eastern Finland and the applicant 's home institution. Please see the course list below.

Public Health- courses for the Exchange Students in 2020-2021

Both Bachelor and Master level students are welcome to take these courses.

*) Please note that some of the courses have prerequisites, especially the courses in Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition. Check these prerequisites from the course descriptions in WebOodi:

**) Please note that the updated course description will be published on 1.8.2020.

In the search box, type in code or name of the course and click Search for courses.

Autumn 2020
4455907 Foundations of Public Health 5 ECTS   
4455908 Global and Local Public Health Issues 5 ECTS       
4455032 Health Promotion, Introduction to Theory and Practice       2 ECTS   
4455053 Epidemiology I   2 ECTS     
4455057 Biostatistics I    3 ECTS      
4455607 Principles of Nutrition 5 ECTS  
4455501 Results and Experiences of Community Intervention Programs 2 ECTS
4455302 Public Health in Humanitarian Crises
                  (Maximum of 15 exchange students will be accepted to this course)            
5 ECTS   
4455403 Public Health Nutrition* 5 ECTS
4455047 Infectious Disease Epidemiology* 3 ECTS         
4455208 Meta-Analysis and systematic review* 1 ECTS          
4455407 Advanced Health Policy 3 ECTS
4457809 Health Culture and Society 2 2 ECTS
Spring 2021
4455045 Genetic Epidemiology * 2 ECTS
4455301 Health Care Systems 2 ECTS
4455022 Public Health Journal Club 2 ECTS
4455041 Evidence Based Health Care 2 ECTS
4455056 Qualitative Research 3 ECTS
4455909 Health, Culture and Society I 2 ECTS
4455049 Social Epidemiology* 3 ECTS
4455042 Nutritional Epidemiology* 3 ECTS
4455602 Nutrition in Life Cycle* 5 ECTS
4455035 Introduction to Health Policy and Management 2 ECTS
4455606 Food and Culture* 2 ECTS 
4455408 Ethics and Health 3 ECTS
4455609 Health Economics and Public Health 3 ECTS
4455700 Occupational Health 5 ECTS
4455036 Public Health and Vulnerable Groups 3 ECTS
4455410 Health Policy and Systems Research 5 ECTS
4455033 Public Health Challenges in Asia 5 ECTS

4455405  Food and Nutrition Programs and Policies*
4455703  Environmental Epidemiology


Application procedure

For more information on applying please see; How to apply as an exchange student. It is not possible to apply after the deadline.

Study guidance is integrated into the orientation studies provided during the first few days, and the guidance is available throughout your course. At the beginning of the exchange period, you will recheck and complete your Learning Agreement (personal study plan) together with your coordinator. In addition to the major studies, your personal study plan may involve multidisciplinary, optional courses or study modules from the curricula offered by other faculties and departments according to your personal interests.

The coordinator for exchange students is Annika Männikkö, annika.mannikko(at)

Practical information regarding life on the Kuopio campus can be found on UEF Studies page and academic matters

You are warmly welcome to study with us.