We use student-centred teaching method, and the teaching includes both class-room teaching and online elements. In the class-room you will benefit from the interactive sessions with students and teachers with a multicultural background. Online assignments are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding and apply your knowledge. Different assignments also provide training in scientific writing. Studying includes both group work and independent learning.  

The curriculum includes both compulsory and elective studies. To plan the track-specific and elective courses, each student creates a personal study plan. This also helps with scheduling and adjusting the work-load over the two-year studies.

In their study plans, students can choose courses from a wide selection, including those offered by other departments, university networks (e.g. UNIPID) and UEF Summer school. The courses offered by the university library and language centre help students improve their general academic skills. An elective internship can also be included in the study plan. See the program curriculum 2019-2021.