Ségolène’s story:

My name is Ségolène, I am French. I have started now my third year as a PhD student in Photonics, at the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Eastern Finland.

In a previous life, I was an engineer in chemistry, working in a laboratory for Photovoltaics. I had been hired to study the materials used in solar panels. But after few years, I felt I was growing more and more interested in the magic behind the process of transforming sunlight into current and I realized that I wanted to know more about light. That is why I decided to study Photonics, first at master level and then as a PhD student.

I am now fabricating micro- and nano-structures that are interacting with light, just like electronic circuits are interacting with current. The field of Photonics is full of promises because of all the possibilities that have not yet been explored and all the applications that results from it. Nowadays, there are so many devices working thanks to Photonics, we don’t even realize it anymore!

I love being here in Finland. I enjoy life in this calm and green country, and I also appreciate the relationship with people. I think Finnish people are open-minded, frank and I have the sensation I can be myself.

This is why I am doing my best to stay here, in Joensuu, and if possible at UEF.