Nanocarbon laboratory

All of the natural elements Carbon may take most various forms such as amorphous, graphite or diamond. Single atom graphene layers may form carbon nanotubes or fullerene molecules. In our Department nanocarbon laboratory we are able to produce such a carbon structures from graphene layers to microdiamonds.

Although all the carbon atoms are similar different carbon forms has different properties. Thin graphite chips acts as electron sources like cathodes but withoutheating. Diamond is a well known durable material which can be used as micrometer scaleblades in precision machining tools.

Most of these nanocarbon structures can be fabricated in our laboratory unique Hydrogen-Methane-CVD system which is especially designed for this flexibility. Fabricated nanocarbon structures are examined in our femtosecond laser laboratory, characterization laboratory and optical laboratories.

Further information: Pertti Pääkkönen