Henri Pesonen's story:

Hello! My name is Henri Pesonen and I have always lived in North-Karelia. After some young-years-adventures, I finished my master program in photonics in 2017 and in addition I did masters studies in mathematics also. I'm theoretically oriented and my passion is mix  physics and mathematics which usually ends up beautiful pictures (see the figure attached).

At the moment I am studying temporal coherence in resonance structures and resulting articles will be a part of my Phd. thesis. In the  future I hope to extend temporal coherence of linear material-light -interaction to cover also non-linear materials. In UEF Joensuu one of the best features is to have tight and friendly working community; if I don't understand something, which actually may sometimes happen, I can always go and ask from the Professors. As another good thing I could mention the quality of the research done in our faculty: although being a small University we have spearhead-research of our branch of science done daily in our faculty.

Computer simulation