Open lecture serie: Photonics applications 28.10.-17.12.2019

Popular course about applications of photonics starts soon!

Course teach how photonics applications are solving various tasks and problems in, e.g., industry, medicine and consumer applications. The most important applications today and in the future. Join to understand various applications of photonics from practical perspective presented by companies themselves and of course to network!

Companies which are presenting their photonics applications: Arbonaut, Timegate, Senop, Oplatek, Seetrue, Nanocomp, Ecoaims, Dispelix, Finnlitho, Karelia, Softcolor and Business Joensuu. More companies coming.

Applications which are presented during the course: Lidar, AR-display, Laser gun, X-ray optics, Printable optics, Flat displays, Optical fiber, Optics assembly and packaging, Eye tracking, Military optics, Photo editing and photography, Spectral imaging, Injection molded optics, Diamond turned optics, Augmented reality and virtual reality

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Lectures are open to everybody

Teached by Jyrki Saarinen


Detailed schedule of open lectures

Note. Students have lectures in addition on these lectures. See full timetable on Weboodi


31.10. // 12:15-13:00 // M106 Metria

Jyrki Huttunen CEO, Oplatek // Fiber manufacturing, Glass molding, Photonics solutions and Thin film coating


31.10. // 13:15-14:00 // M106 Metria  

Petri Piirainen, CTO & Co-founder, Softcolor // Software engineering photonics  and color science


4.11. // 14:15-15:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Timo Vuorenpää, Director, Senop // Development of Night Vision Devices and Target Acquisition and Observation Systems, Hyperspectral cameras


4.11. // 15:15-16:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Dr. Tuomo Kauranne, CEO, Arbonaut // Airborne laser scanning (LIDAR) for timberland inventory and other applications


6.11. // 14:15-15:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Professor Matthieu Roussey, University of Eastern Finland // Integrated optics: optical sensors, such as ChemiReader and University research towards commercialization


6.11. // 15:15-16:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Dr. Jussi Kinnunen, R&D Manager, Ecoaims // Laser pistols and other optical sports shooting


7.11. // 12:15-13:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Professor Markku Keinänen, University of Eastern Finland // Spectral imaging in plant biology, agriculture and forestry – quality control of wood materials and raw materials in food industry


13.11. // 14:15-16:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Professor Juha Toivonen, Tampereen University // Elemental analysis with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (Hitachi, Outotec, Leica, Mars Rover Curiosity) and Gas sensing with laser spectroscopy (Siemens, Toledo)


14.11. // 12:15-13:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Dr. Petri Karvinen, CEO, Co-founder, Finnlitho // X-ray optics


14.11. // 13:15-14:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Dr. Roman Bednarik, CEO, Co-founder // Eye-tracking technology and its applications


18.11. // 14:15-15:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Dr. Samuli Siitonen, CTO, Nanocomp // Roll-to-roll manufacturing: e.g., back and front lighting for flat portable displays


18.11. // 15:15-16:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Petri Stenberg, Manufacturing Director, Dispelix // Photonics in augmented reality (AR)


27.11. // 14:15-15:00 // M301 Metria, third floor

Mari Tenhunen, CEO and founder, Timegate // PicoRaman spectrometer in life science, geoscience and other applications