Student and Learning Services

The function of Student and Learning Services is to coordinate, provide and develop general student services as well as to develop teaching, counselling and learning at the University of Eastern Finland.

Student and Learning Services offer services and assistance for applicants, students, staff and departments providing education as well as for partners.

Our services:

  • Admissions Office
  • International Mobility Services
  • Educational Services
  • General Student Services (customer service desk, student register)
  • Educational Psychologist Services
  • Student Recruitment Services
  • eLearning Support Services
  • Career and Counselling Services

Opening hours

Starting from 1 February 2019, the customer service desks of General Student Services on both campuses are open Mon-Fri at 12-15 (1 June – 31 July at 12-14 and 1 August - 13 September at 10-15). Admissions Office and International Mobility Services are open Mon-Fri at 10-15 (1 June – 31 July at 10-14). The opening hours of Oppari and Oppitupa can be found in the Opening hours box of this page. Other services do not have separate opening hours – you can contact the staff directly (contact information is available in the menu on the left. The door to Student and Learning Services in Aurora building (Joensuu campus) is open Mon-Fri 10-15.

Phone numbers and contact information

The service number for general advice relating to studies is +358 29 445 8900

  • registration, study rights, certifications of student status, transcripts of academic records, study guides, student register matters

The phone number for the Admissions Office is +358 29 445 8990

  • application process, eligibility, application forms, application enclosures, admission requirements, etc.

More detailed contact information on the services is available from the contact for each service via the links in the menu on the left.


Joensuu Campus

Street address: Yliopistokatu 2, Aurora building
Postal address: P.O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu

Kuopio Campus

Street address: Yliopistonranta 1 C, Canthia building, second floor (Oppari)
Postal address: P.O. Box 1627, FI-70211 Kuopio

The premises of the University of Eastern Finland have been closed for the duration of the pandemia. See the website for more information  and 

Opening hours

General Student Services (Service desk)
(Joensuu: Aurora building, Kuopio: Canthia building)

Mon-Fri 12-15

Exceptional opening hours:

(Joensuu: Carelia building, Kuopio: Canthia builbing)

Joensuu: Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 10-14
Exceptional opening hours in Joensuu Oppari: The Joensuu Oppari follows the opening hours of the library.

Kuopio: Mon-Fri 8-19, Sat 9.30-14

Exceptional opening hours in Kuopio Oppari: see page



(Joensuu: Aurora building,  room AU271-272, Kuopio: Canthia building, room 2306)

Mon-Fri 9-15

Exceptional opening hours: