UEF’s centralised support  

UEF supports open publishing by paying APCs i.e., Article/Author Processing Charges of articles from centralised funds. By paying the APC fees it is possible to publish an article open access. For the present, the centralised support is applicable to APC fees paid in 2020.  

Prerequisites for APC fees payable from centralised funds  

  • Despite applying, the funder has not approved open publishing as a part of the project’s costs. The publication expenses must always be included in the funding applications.    
  • Article must be published in an open access journal (so-called Golden OA). Centralised support is not applicable to articles that are published open access in subscription-based journals (so-called hybrid journals). Furthermore, other possible costs related to the publishing of an article will not be paid from centralised funds.  
  • Journal must have a sufficient JUFO rating on Publication Forum. The sufficient JUFO ratings defined by the faculties: Philosophical Faculty 1-3, Faculty of Science and Forestry 2-3, Faculty of Health Sciences 2-3 and Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies 1-3.  

Moreover, even if the above-mentioned prerequisites are not met, there are other APC benefits available.   

For more information:  

Questions related to journals and JUFO ratings: Juho Jussila (juho.jussila[at]uef.fi)  and Kaarina Meriläinen (kaarina.merilainen[at]uef.fi)

Questions related to invoices and payments: please contact the faculty’s financial services or the financial secretaries of the department/unit.