UEF publishing and data policy

According to the University of Eastern Finland’s publishing and data policy, research results will be published in each field’s most essential scientific publications of the highest quality. Findings, data and publications are open when following the principles of research integrity and showing respect towards the juridical (legislation and agreements) operating environment.

University of Eastern Finland aims to use open research activities to advance the development of science and good scientific practice. Regarding research and findings, the University of Eastern Finland’s goal is to promote their:

• the scientific impact

• reliability and transparency

• usability and societal impact

• durable application

The objective is to ensure research data produced via public financing to be broadly utilisable for the scientific community and the society. This requires the methods, results, data and publications of a research study to be opened. As per the publishing policy, the publications will be published OA by self-archiving (i.e. parallel publishing) them into the university’s publication archive within the framework of permit conditions defined by the publishers. Publications are recommended to be published also in high-quality scientific open access journals.