Research data services

There are several reliable national and international data services that researchers can use to deposit their research data for free. The researcher can choose the repository that best suits the data and the discipline. It is recommended to use a service which is reliable and stable, and enables open access.

Publishers have different practices related to opening the data. Some publishers require data availability statement which describes how the data is available, or in case that the data cannot be opened the reasons are specified. Research data can be opened for example by publishing it in data journal. Data journals are a new form of publication that focuses on the datasets instead of the conventional research article.

Finnish data services

  • Etsin / metadata publishing platform and research data finder, CSC
  • AVAA /open research data publishing platform, CSC
  • IDA / Finnish research data storage service for researchers, CSC
  • Aila / Finnish Social Science Data Archive, FSD 
  • Kielipankki (The Language Bank of Finland) / written and spoken material, FIN-CLARIN

International data services

  • Zenodo / data repository for all disciplines, CERN
  • EUDAT / European research data infrastructure and service unit
  • Dryad / data repository for research data underlying scientific and medical publications 
  • Pangaea / data repository for geo- and biosciences
  • The European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) molecular data resources and bioinformatics services to the scientific community. Several data repositories and a wizard that helps to find the right archive to submit data.

  • Figshare / data repository for all disciplines

Other data archives and services

  • / international field-based research data repository registry, contains also closed access archives
  • Data repositories / list of data repositories of different fields of science
  • OpenDOAR / directory service of data and publication archives
  • CESSDA / Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives, contains data archives for each country
  • OpenAIRE / European open access infrastructure
  • The Finnish research infrastructures databank, CSC
  • FINTO / Thesaurus and ontology service to help with the subject cataloging, The National Library of Finland
  • Open data journals / Finnish Committee for Research Data