Funders´ guidelines and requirements

The Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland states that a data management plan is a compulsory appendix to funding applications, starting from September 2016. The plan describes management of research data and opening it after the project has ended.

Publications produced via projects funded by the Academy of Finland should be published with open accessibility if possible. The Academy accepts both the green self-archiving model and the golden publisher-provided open publishing model. Publishing costs are worth being mentioned in the application’s funding plan. The Academy does not recommend publishing in hybrid journals.

The Academy of Finland requires opening data and methods for further use. The Academy’s recommendation is that the research data of Academy-funded projects are stored and opened within a national or international archive or storage service relative to your own field of science. However, the data may have different degrees of openness, ranging from completely open to classified, due to justified reasons. The publisher of the research project and the data needs to secure that publishing is not against the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, the Personal Data Act or the Copyright Act. When opening the data, licensing requires to be taken care of.

Business Finland (Tekes)

Regarding projects funded by Business Finland, funding receivers are required to handle the administration of project-related background material, research material, data and information resulting in the project, along with the outcome of the research in such ways, that the information and results produced by the project can be utilised to their maximum potential in the future. The project plans are required to have a data management plan.

Business Finland is committed to the goals and actions of open science and open research. The goal is to have publications and public information produced by research organisations easily accessible for everyone for future use.

In public research organisations' research projects funded by Business Finland, open publishing is demanded. The project's research plan is required to have a publication plan with open publishing is taken into consideration following the researcher's home organisation's Open Access publishing instructions. Business Finland recommends either Green Open Access or Gold Open Access publishing, but a Hybrid Open Access model is not recommended. If possible, publications are required to be brought openly accessible for everyone simultaneously by self-archiving them into a publication archive or database, where they are accessible for everyone free of charge. Business Finland allows an embargo period that follows international funding policies, lasting for six months at the most (human studies and sociological studies have a max. 12-month embargo). Articles can also be published in an Open Access publication series.

Business Finland will recommend opening up research data where appropriate, respecting agreements and judicial working environment and with a controlled strategy. A data management plan is required to describe, regarding other than confidential or protected research data, how later use for the data is possible and how it can be opened for the use of others, if possible.

Business Finland's open science recommendation (2.2.2018)

The European Commission

The European Commission (Horizon 2020) recommends everyone to devise a data management plan as a part of their funding application. If the project participates in Open Research Data Pilot and gets a positive funding resolution, the data management plan is usually required to be devised within six months when the project starts. The plan should be updated when necessary.

The Commission (Horizon 2020) demands open publishing regarding peer-reviewed articles and monographies in Commission-funded research. Embargo period is 6 months (Humanities and Social sciences 12 months).

The European Commission (Horizon 2020) recommends open access for research data. The Horizon 2020 program will require research data to be open by default in future. Nevertheless, research projects have an option to deviate from this openness requirement, if the data contains information that cannot be opened.

Other funders

Foreign research funders, such as National Science Foundation, Trust, Wellcome Trust, CERN and National Institute of Health emphasise open data and planning the further use of research data.

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