Open publishing options

You can publish a research article openly in different ways:

Gold open access (OA)

Publish directly in an OA series of publications. OA journals are scientific publications accessible to everyone and free of charge to all readers. The University of Eastern Finland recommends its researchers to publish results in high-quality scientific OA publishing channels that perform reliable peer reviews on the publications. These journals usually have an author/article processing charge (APC), which should be taken into account regarding the study’s funding application. In general, an APC is an acceptable project cost.

If the APC fees have not been approved as costs in the funding of the project, it is possible to utilise UEF’s centralised supportOther APC benefits negotiated with publishers are available regardless of the funding.

OA journals of different fields of science can be searched, for instance, in the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) service and on the Publication Forum.

Green open access

Publish in a subscription-based journal, but provide an open access to your article by self-archiving (i.e. parallel publishing) it in the publication archive of a university or some other organisation, or in a field of science-based archive. The University of Eastern Finland recommends its researchers to store their publications into the university’s open publication archive, UEF eRepository. Using the UEF eRepository is easy for all researchers, for after being informed about a publication by the author, the library takes care of the self-archiving and verifying the publishers’ policy on self-archiving. A permission for self-archiving is required from the publication’s authors and publishers. The publishers’ views on self-archiving can be verified from the publishing agreement and the Sherpa/Romeo service. Publication archives for different fields of science can be found, for instance, in the OpenDOAR (Director of Open Access Repositories) service. The aforementioned gold OA path does not rule out using publication archives, which is always recommendable.

Hybrid publishing

A researcher can always purchase subscription-based journal articles to be open. Otherwise the journal is accessible only to subscribers. The University of Eastern Finland does not consider hybrid publishing to be the main method of open publishing. In hybrid publishing, the charges for both the subscription and for opening an article (so called double dipping).

A researcher at the University of Eastern Finland can publish an article either with a discounted Article Processing Charge (APC) rate or without charges in the hybrid journals of the publishers whose licensing agreement includes that option. The APC fees of hybrid journals are paid by the researcher or research group, not by the library or university.