Open publishing terminology

AAM - Accepted Author Manuscript

(see Final draft)

Article/Author Processing Charges (APCs) of OA articles

An article/author processing charge (APC) is a fee which is charged to authors by many scientific publishers to make the article available open access in either an open access journal or hybrid journal. Different academic publishers have widely varying levels of APCs, from a few dozens to over several thousand euros. APCs can be searched e.g. via Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) service but remember to verify the current fee on the journal website. This fee is usually paid by the researcher, and these fees must be considered already at the research funding application.


A time period defined by the publisher, during which the article cannot be made available online. The time period varies normally from six months to 12 months. Some publishers don't have embargo periods at all.

Final draft (=AAM; Author's Accepted Manuscript / aka Post-print)

The last version sent from the author to the publisher which has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publishing, but which does not have the final layout of the journal. For example there might not be any page numbers or at least the page numbers will not match the final published version.

The Final Draft is also called a post-print or Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM). The term "post" in Post Print refers to peer-review, not the actual printing. In the same logic, a pre-print is the version before peer-review.

The version with a watermark "Proof" is no longer a Final Draft -version.

Gold OA

Article published in an open access journal which has authoring fees, which are paid by the author or a research group.

Green OA

Article (or, like in most cases, a final draft version of the article) deposited in an organisational repository (UEF eRepository) or a subject matter repository. No costs for the researcher/author.

Hybrid Open Access

A publishing model in which only a portion of the articles are published in open access. Open access publishing requires a payment of an APC (Article Processing Charge).


An organisational obligation, which states that the publications associated with the organisation must be published as open access. The organisational mandates can be checked at the ROARMAP service.

Open Access

A freely accessible publication, no costs are associated with reading the publication.

Parallel publishing / Self Archiving

A process in which a previously published article is deposited in a web-based repository, from which it is freely available A repository can be an organisational repository or a subject matter specific repository.


Manuscript. The version of the article before peer-review.

Publisher's PDF

The final published version of the article, with the layout of the journal.