Academic Calendar

The academic year is based on a two-semester system. The autumn semester begins in the end of August and terminates around mid-December. The spring semester begins in the beginning of January and terminates at the end of May. However, it is also possible to take exams in June and August.


Students can search for courses and familiarize themselves with course requirements in Weboodi. Examination dates are also available in Weboodi. Supervising professors, course material lists and examination dates, for example, are available in Weboodi.


Some of the courses (e.g. Good Administration) can be completed through written essays instead of exams. Essays are deliberative texts, prepared not only through using relevant books, articles and legal sources (case law, regulations etc.), but also through expressing author's own ideas, views and thoughts. An essay should be well structured and coherent and should clearly express author's familiarity with the topic.

Essay topics should always be agreed upon with the responsible professor. Professors can also give special instructions and deadlines for the essays, which should be taken into account when writing. The recommended length of an essay is approximately 10 pages (not including cover page, appendixes, references etc.). Compulsory, technical requirements of the essay can be found in the guide for Academic Legal Writing in English.

Academic Legal Writing in English (pdf)


Registration to the examinations must be done in WebOodi 10 days before the examination. The professor/teacher responsible for the exam has the competence to decide whether to accept overdue registrations or not. Delayed registrations are never accepted if examinations are completed off campus.

The examinations on general examination days will take place at the Carelia Building, room C1, either on Monday evenings at 16.00 - 20.00 or on Friday mornings at 8.00-12.00. All students are obligated to have their student card or identification card with them during the exam. No material is allowed in the exams with the exception of calculator, which are allowed in financial law exams.

Examination material lists are found in Weboodi under ‘study materials'.


Lectures (excluding seminars) do not have mandatory attendance, unless it specifically states so in the course descriptions found in Weboodi. However, attendance is always strongly recommended. Possible changes in schedules or materials, etc. will only be sent to those who have registered for the course.

Lecture materials (power point presentations, etc.) are not part of the official examination materials. The official materials are listed in Weboodi under ‘study materials'.


Registration for both lectures and exams is compulsory. The registration period typically begins in the beginning of the academic year.

Possible changes in schedules or materials etc. will only be sent to those who have registered for the course.


All seminars have mandatory attendance. Seminar group size is limited to 25 students, unless it is stated otherwise in Weboodi. If more than 25 students register, the Law School may prioritize students with more ECTS credits. Students will be informed through email when their participation is confirmed.

Structure of Studies

The International Study Programme in Law includes a wide range of courses in Law. To obtain the certificate, students must complete at least 25 ECTS credits of the offered law courses. Introduction to Legal Studies and Finnish Legal System (5311012, 2 ECTS) is a compulsory course for all students enrolled in the International Study Programme in Law. Other courses may be chosen freely according to students' own interests.

It is also possible to complete courses in other international study programmes at the University of Eastern Finland.

55 ECTS Credits Patch

University departments get additional funding for every student who studies at least 55 ECTS credits per one academic year. To encourage and reward our students, we award an patch for everyone who reaches this goal.

You can get the patch three times: first bronze, then silver and finally gold. You don’t necessarily need to achieve the goals in in consecutive academic years to get the next patch. You can pick up your own patch from an amanuensis or from Oskari Korhonen. Prepare to provide proof of completed studies from WebOodi. You can pick up your patch as soon as you’ve completed the required studies. You can get your patch from academic year 2015–2016 as well.

The patches are designed by Jasmin Heiskanen.

Student Exchange for Degree Students

Students of Master´s Degree Programme can apply for exchange programmes (eg. Eramus and Nordplus). For more information of the possibilities and practicalities, please see the University's instructions for Student Exchange for International UEF Degree Students.

For more information, please contact Coordinator of International Affairs

Mia Kilpeläinen
Aurora II, room 2076, tel. +358 50 442 2631

Student Organizations

Legio Ostiensis is a student organisation for students majoring in law (Bachelor of Administrative Sciences/Master of Administrative Sciences) at the UEF Law School. Legio was founded in 1997 when majoring in public law became possible. Despite its young age, Legio is an active organisation, which offers all kinds of benefits and activities to its members. For example, members get a discounted price when ordering law books through Legio and they are given a free chance to play floor ball once a week. Every now and then other sporting activities are arranged as well. Legio also organizes excursions and of course, parties. The most important goal for Legio is to offer both benefits and entertainment to its members. All students majoring in law are welcome to join Legio.

Judica ry is a student organization for those majoring in Law (Bachelor of Laws/Master of Laws). The organization was founded in 2013 and its main purpose is to promote its members interests locally and nationally. Judica organizes various leisure activities and cooperates with employers and other student organizations. Don't get stuck with the books: it's important to participate actively to different events and meet new people! Experience from student organizations is highly regarded in the labour market and who knows – maybe you'll meet your future employers, employees or co-workers during our events.

The European Law Students' Association – ELSA Joensuu ry is a part of the European network of law students and acts as the link for the University of Eastern Finland's law students to other Finnish and European universities. With 40,000 members ELSA is the world's largest independent law students' association.  ELSA provides opportunities for international exchange, diversified legal education and personal professional development for law students and young lawyers. Our members are law students and recent graduates who have an academic focus and have demonstrated commitment to international issues. We invite all future lawyers to join us, visit our events and give suggestions about new activities. Welcome!

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