Research Projects

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Projects in EU Law

More information about "The necessary evil – On law, power and institutional politics in the European Union" and "Transparency in the EU- From Reaction to Manifesto?" here.

Civil law

Flexibility in Business Contracting

This project is financed by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, led by Professor Soili Nystén-Haarala, and coordinated by Dr. Yanan Zhang.

The project is a special effort of a team of about twenty people representing different disciplines and countries in studying how flexibility could be introduced in large business contract networks, what are the obstacles of flexibility and how they can be overcome. The team includes researchers from China, Russia, England, Germany, the USA, and the Nordic countries. The scientific outcome will be joint research publications.

Companies Coping with Multiple Regulatory Systems in Russian Resource Extracting Business

The research project focuses on resource extracting transnational corporations of Finnish and Russian origin in the field of forest and oil industries, the former having developed international certification scheme and the latter relying on nation-state legislation. The project takes an approach of companies as appliers of norms from both practical and theoretical point of view. From the practical point of view both public and private policy makers need information on how to manage in the environment of different competing and interacting rules of the game. From the theoretical point of view the complex world of norms leads us to ask the basic questions such as what law is and how does law guide society, and why is the role of private governance gaining more importance in today's global business.

Researchers: Minna Pappila and Svetlana Tulaeva

Main Cooperation Partners in Russia: Center for Independent Social Research in St. Petersburg  and Center for Independent Social Research and Education in Irkutsk

IPOB - Intellectual Property in Open Business Models

The major goal of the IPOB project is to make a tool box for IP strategy and management in open business models where all important factors and criteria are incorporated. Using the tools, companies can select and maintain an ideal IP management policy and create agreement satisfying all partners of an innovation network in question and by this way to promote the openness and effectiveness of innovation network.

Environmental Law

Aerosol intervention technologies to cool the climate: costs, benefits, side effects, and governance (COOL) 2011-2014

Assessing limits of adaptation to climate change and opportunities for resilience to be enhanced (A-LA-CARTE) 2011-2014


Impacts of Terrestrial Organic Matter Loading on Lake Food Webs and Human Health - Challenges for Environmental Regulation (TERLA) (2012-2016)

Neighbour disputes and housing in Finland 2011-2015

Regulatory Regime of Integrated Forest Governance - Reconsidering the Role of Hard Law 2011-2013

WATER MANAGEMENT AND PEAT PRODUCTION: From the Relevant Facts to Effective Norms (WAPEAT) (2012-2016)