Environment, Natural Resources & Climate Change: Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Policy and Law

The Master's Degree Program Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change in Environmental Policy and Law is a new multidisciplinary two-year Master's degree program that combines high level teaching with vocationally-oriented educational objectives. The program provides advanced training in policy, law and impact assessments for climate change and sustainable management of natural resources.

The program has been designed primarily for students holding a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, or in Environmental Engineering. Students coming from the fields of Social Sciences or Law are also eligible to apply.

The program is based on two alternative majors: Natural Resources Governance and Environmental and Climate Change Law. All students are required to take courses in Natural Resources Governance, Environmental Law and Policy, and in Climate Change Law and Policy before selecting their major.

The aim of the program is to prepare graduates for the global employment market. The academic skills provided by the program qualify graduates for a variety of expert level positions in the field of environment, natural resource management and climate change governance. Graduates may expect, for example, to become consultants or environmental leaders within the business sector, officers for national or European Union -level environmental and natural resource administration, or to secure positions in the field of international environmental diplomacy and law making in the governmental or non-governmental sectors.

Please see programme website for further information: www.uef.fi/envlawandpolicy