European Law

European Law is one of the seven disciplines that can be studied as a major subject at the UEF Law School. European Law focuses on the legal framework and legal questions that arise from the European integration process, particularly economic and institutional European law questions. Issues like the institutional set-up of the EU, the role and functioning of the Court of Justice, EU competition law, the four freedoms and sector-specific EU law are among the core of European Law research and teaching at the UEF Law School. In addition, legal principles in the EU legal system and broader constitutional developments are studied.

Students can choose among a wide range of English language courses in European Law. These include: Public EU Law, Internal Market Law, Economic and Institutional EU Law, EU Energy Law, Legal Principles in the EU Legal System, Effects of EU Law in the Member States, and more. In addition, a number of courses are offered in the Finnish language.

European law at the University of Eastern Finland currently focuses on European economic and energy law. It also conducts research in international energy law and comparative energy and resources law. Studies in European environmental law are also available. The emphasis of the research is in internationalization.

Research and teaching for European law at UEF is international, a factor that is visible throughout the courses. In addition to the language of instruction being English, all researchers in the team are internationally active both in terms of publishing and in terms of research visits. In addition, the unit places emphasis on international collaboration in education. It has seven regular visiting lecturers from UK, Russia, Estonia, Iran, Brazil, Norway and Belgium. Furthermore, it occasionally welcomes other visiting lecturers.