Environmental Law

University of Eastern Finland provides the widest selection of Environmental Law courses in Finland, covering all areas of environmental law from nature conservation and forest law to zoning- and construction law. The UEF Law School also offers a variety of courses in international environmental law and climate change law.

Environmental Law is a rapidly growing discipline. Environmental issues must be taken under consideration in every field of action in business, both in private and public sector. Thus, the need for skilled workers, with both legal and practical experience, continues to increase. The best way to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow is to study Environmental Law at the University of Eastern Finland.

Historically speaking, environmental law is closely related to real property law, but nowadays also to administrative law, European and international law. The focuses of modern environmental law are environmental protection law, nature conservation and natural resources law and land use and building law.

As a branch of science, environmental law is situated not only as a part of law, but also as a part of environmental research in general. Historically, environmental law has been closely related to the natural and technical sciences. Lately, the relations to the social environmental research have become more important.