UEF Law School

The UEF Law School offers studying opportunities in different Bachelor's, Master's, licentiate and doctoral degrees. In its research and teaching activities, the UEF Law School specialises in several areas: International and Finnish Environmental Law; International, EU and Finnish Climate Change Law; International, EU and Finnish Energy Law.

Research at the UEF Law School places strong emphasis on international cooperation and networking. The following research areas are particularly emphasised as strengths of the Law School:

  • Climate-, Energy and Environmental Law
  • Empirical Juridical Research
  • Welfare Law

The Law School at the University of Eastern Finland (previously University of Joensuu) was founded in 1998. Currently around 1100 students are completing a Master's degree in Law and 100 students are taking postgraduate studies at the UEF Law School. There are currently 80 professors, researchers and administrative personnel working at the UEF Law School. Additionally, there are a large number of specialists, lawyers and visiting experts giving lectures in different fields of law. The UEF Law School conducts active research and participates in numerous research projects financed by the Academy of Finland, various ministries of the Finnish government and international bodies.

International Programs offered by the UEF Law School

Master's Degree Programs

International Economic and Resources Law: Master's Degree Program in Law
Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change: Master's Degree Program in Environmental Policy and Law
Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Program in Law
Natural Resources, Environment and Society Doctoral Program
Other International Programs

UNEP Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements
International Study Programme in Law