Sari Voutilainen

Sari graduated from the Department of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Kuopio and soon after she started her research career at the Research Institute of Public Health. Sari spends her leisure time enjoying the fresh air and the rich nature beginning almost straight from her own backyard. The fall is especially her season and not a day goes without a full basket of the most delicious mushrooms. She is a well-known mushroom enthusiast who recognizes most of the species and has an endless list of different recipes; mainly for non-toxic ones…

Sari has been responsible for the nutritional studies at the Research Institute of Public Health since 1996. The topic of her doctoral studies was in the beginning the serum fatty acids and cardiovascular diseases, which has been the traditional aim for the novice nutritionists at the institute since then, although not a single thesis has been yet finished about the topic. Very soon the aim of her thesis was changed to the folate and homocysteine and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Sari did her postdoctoral work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA in 2003-4.

One of the most interesting hobby for Sari is to develope new methods for reliable data collection of nutrient intake. It doesn't matter whether the study subjects are drug users, pregnant women or middle-aged men, only a large sample size is important. Sari is working as University Lecturer at Unit of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition and is also a Adjunct Professor of Public Health at the University of Eastern Finland. At the moment Sari's most important research areas are health effects of vitamin D (FIND trial) and Kuopio Birth Cohort (KuBiCo) project.

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