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APRIL 1, 2013

Kuopio Birth Cohort (KuBiCo) Study is beginning. On the next five years we will collect 10 000 morher-baby pairs from the Eastern Finland. Nutritional data are collecting via internet using our semi-automated food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). In KuBiCo FFQ has been further developed to produce personal feedback about nutrition at the first and third trimester of pregnancy.


MARCH 12, 2013

Jaakko was invited to give a lecture in23rd annual Biocenter Oulu Day 2013 scientific meeting in March 12. Meeting was arranged by PhD students of Biocenter Oulu and this year's theme was:  "Brain's Digest: Healthy Diet Drives a Sharp Mind". The topic of Jaakko's talk in this international meeting was "Antioxidants and the Risk of Chronic Diseases".


MARCH 7, 2013

Anu was participating a brain lecture series organized by adult education centre of Salo. The topic of her lecture was "Dietary factors and depression – what do we know about the association?".



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MAY 8, 2012

The FIND study is about to begin. On this and the following week we are mailing the first 30 000 recruiting letters accompanied with food frequency questionnaire and health questionnaire. We are eager to FIND out how enthusiastic people in Eastern-Finland are about the vitamin D study.







MAY 6, 2012 

VitDmet study, which was a pilot of the FIND – study, has ended this week. At the end of May we will have preliminary main results of the VitDmet study, and know better whether the vitamin D has an effect on glucose tolerance.



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MARCH 6-9, 2012

Jyrki and Jaakko attended the American Heart Association's Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism / Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention  Scientific Sessions (EPI/NPAM) 2012 conference in San Diego. Both had poster presentations.

Jyrki: Fish consumption has been associated with reduced risk of sudden cardiac death and the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in fish have been suggested to be responsible for the beneficial effects. The QT interval on the ECG measures the duration of ventricular repolarization, and a long QT interval is one of the major risk factors for sudden cardiac death. In this analysis we found that increased concentration of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in serum, a marker of fish or fish oil consumption, appears to protect against prolonged QT time in eastern Finnish middle-aged men.

Jaska: Various summary measures of food quality such as the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) have been found to predict the risk of chronic diseases. Most of the scores are impractical for public use as they are based on selected nutrients rather than foods. We have created an a priori diet pattern score which is exhaustive and food based, and found that to predict total and disease specific mortality in older women.





Our researcher Jaakko Mursu is returning ‘home' from Minneapolis, and for welcoming the University of Eastern Finland granted him the postdoctoral researcher position for 2012-2014. The title of his UEF project is: The role of nutrients, foods and dietary patterns in chronic diseases.

Congratulations Jaska and welcome back to our team!


OCTOBER 10, 2011

Jaakko's latest publication: Jaakko Mursu, Kim Robien, Lisa J Harnack, Kyong Park, David R Jacobs: Less is more. Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women. The Iowa Women's Health Study. Arch Intern Med 2011;171:1625-1633.

Here are some of the comments and interviews on article: Australian Food News, The Age, The Saudi Gazette, The Daily Star, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post Canada, American Medical Network, MedIndia, The Boston Herald, CBN, The Island, Herald Sun, ABC News and New York Post.

Available also for example in ChineseJapanese, Taiwan, Greek and in Russian.



Tarja's recent collaboration publications: Åberg UW, et al. Tamoxifen and flaxseed alter angiogenesis regulators in normal human breast tissue in vivo. PLoS One 2011:e25720.

Damdimopoulou P, et al. A single dose of enterolactone activates estrogen signaling and regulates expression of circadian clock genes in mice. J Nutr 2011;141:1583-9.

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OCTOBER 17-20, 2011

You can meet Tarja at International Conference on Polyphenols and Health in Barcelona, Spain. She is presenting there our new data on strength of different biomarker candidates for whole grain wheat and rye intake. Compared biomarkers were alkylresorcinol metabolites, enterolactone and ferulic acid in human urine after the consumption of habitual Finnish diet.


Latests results of EU-funded Eurolive Study: The effect of olive oil polyphenols on antibodies against oxidized LDL. A randomized clinical trial. Clinical Nutrition 2011;30:490-93.



Sari was selected as a member of the University of Eastern Finland Committee on Research Ethics.


JUNE 2011

Our FIND Study was accepted to be one of the new innovative research initiatives of the UEF (rating 5.5/6, outstanding) and got valuable funding for the years 2011-2014!

24th MAY 2011

Sari's grandma Hanna had her 100 year birthday celebration. She is a living example of health effects of vitamin D and regular fish eating combined with a positive attitude towards life.  











Our recent article about health effects of vitamin D was published in European Journal of Nutrition. Association of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D with the risk of death in a general older population in Finland. Eur J Nutr 2011;21:144-9.














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Anu Ruusunen, et al. Serum fatty acids are not associated with the risk of severe depression in middle-aged Finnish men: Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor (KIHD) Study. European Journal of Nutrition 2011;50:89-96.


MARCH, 2011

Tomppa was selected a member of the board of the Finnish Society of Epidemiology.

Tarja was asked for a supervisor to a PhD thesis about health effects of cranberries on recurrent urinary tract infections. Studies are carried out at San Cecilio University Hospital in Granada, Spain.



The Academy of Finland gave us basic funding for the FIND study grading the project 6/6 (outstanding) and Sari was appointed as a Lecturer of the Year at the University of Eastern Finland. Here you may read her speech presented at the Opening Ceremony of the University Year 2010-11.

















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Markku Myllykangas & Tomi-Pekka Tuomainen: PHARMAGEDDON. How normal aging turns into disease … read more from the book, unfortunately written only in Finnish.