Jaakko Mursu

Jaakko Mursu finished his MSc (nutritional sciences) in 2000 and joined the research group of the former Research Institute of Public Health. In his PhD work he started to study the effects of dietary flavonoids on human health, later admitting that on those early days he knew basically very little about the topic, maybe except that rich sources of these compounds were red wine and chocolate. As a part of his PhD studies he conducted several supplementation/feeding trials to study the effects of various sources of flavonoids on markers of oxidative stress in humans. One of the trials was done using chocolate, which remains to be one of his favorite topics. Carrying out several supplementation trials resulted also in a creative study design, known as a triple blinded study .... To gain also epidemiological experience, he studied the relation between flavonoid intake and the risk of cardiovascular diseases using Kuopio Ishaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study.

After finishing his PhD in 2007 he has continued work with flavonoids but also with dietary carbohydrates and more broad nutritional concepts such as dietary patterns. As a part of his Post-Doctoral work and with the funding provided by the Fulbright, Finnish Academy and Finnish Cultural Foundation he headed to University of Minnesota in 2009-12. His was working with Professor David Jacobs and other researchers of the School of Public Health.

Outside work, Jaakko like's to spend time with various outdoor activities. Out of different sports, particularly cycling is on the top of his list of favorite hobbies.

E-mail: jaakko.mursu at uef.fi

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