Heli Virtanen

Heli (MSc) graduated as a registered dietitian in 2015 and was happy to continue as a PhD student in the group of nutrition epidemiologists. In her PhD she investigates associations of different dietary proteins with risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in the KIHD cohort. She is also involved in TERLA study where the goal is to investigate whether the differences in the lake ecosystems can also be seen in the health related measures (i.e vitamin D and mercury) in people consuming a lot of fish.

Heli finds complexity of food-health associations fascinating and she is interested in seeing when the genetic information will be more broadly utilized to plan personalized diets. Sports, especially volleyball and running are close to Heli's heart. She is also talented in blueberry picking and she likes baking – good reasons for friends to let her take care of the desserts.

E-mail: heli.e.virtanen at uef.fi


Heli's CV