Anu Ruusunen

Anu is a certified clinical nutritionist and a post-doctoral researcher in the field of nutritional epidemiology. She finished her PhD studies with her thesis "Diet and depression – an epidemiological study" in 2013. With Anu and Tommi Tolmunen (MD), our nutrition studies have expanded to deal with the effects of dietary factors on both prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders, such as depression. Folate, zinc, omega-3-fatty acids, omega 6/omega 3 -ratio, coffee, tea and caffeine and dietary patterns in general are all topics of Anu's interest.

Anu is having a clinical position as a registered dietitian at the Department of Psychiatry, Kuopio University Hospital, and her clinical work mainly relates to depression and other affective disorders, bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders and eating disorders. She is also engaged in postdoctoral research in several projects. Her study interests include for example the effects of vitamin D supplementation on mental health and inflammation, and possibilities of dietary interventions in antipsychotic treatment induced weight gain. Anu is an enthusiastic lecturer who loves both teaching and life-long learning.

In 2015, Anu had a post-doctoral research visit in Deakin University, Australia, where she continued her post-doctoral studies related to dietary interventions in patients with depression as a member of Associate Professor Felice Jacka’s research group. Her future research interests cover the studies on gut–brain axis (especially the association between gut microbiota and mental well-being).

Anu’s other interests in life include hiking, running, and cross-country skiing in the forests, rather in combination with sauna and ice swimming. She also loves cooking and baking (Australian MasterChef is one of her favorites), and, as a mother of three kids, relaxing with the family.

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