Transfor- M students' voices

Every year we have 1-5 students whose home university is one of the Canadian universities studying at UEF and correspondingly 1-3 Finnish students are studying in one of the Canadian partner universities in Canada.

During the academic year 2011-2012 one student from the School of Forest Sciences spent the second year of his MSc studies at the University of New Brunswick. Please read below about Aleksi's experiences. In addition, two students from Canada spent their first academic year at the School of Forest Sciences in Joensuu. Please read about April's experiences about Joensuu and studies at the University of Eastern Finland below. You can also check Nicola's block about her Transfor-M studies here.


"Out of the three available universities in Canada, I chose the University of New Brunswick as my host university. It was located in Fredericton, a city roughly the size of Joensuu, and the capital city of the province of New Brunswick. During the summer I was staying in Fredericton for an internship related to my thesis topic. The degree I studied for at the University of New Brunswick was Master of Environmental Management. After completing my studies, in addition to my M.Sc. in Agriculture and Forestry from the University of Eastern Finland, I received a second master’s degree from a well-known Canadian university.

I am extremely glad that I decided to apply for the TRANSFOR-M programme. Instead of one master’s degree I got two,  the opportunity to travel and experience new things and places, and acquire better language skills; moreover, my graduation date was not postponed. Having two master’s degrees and international experience will no doubt be a great advantage when applying for jobs no matter where I decide to work: in Finland or abroad."

I started a job directly after graduating, working as an Assistant Forest Manager in Scotland and England for the UK's leading private forest management and harvesting company. I have since worked my way to Forest Manager, dealing with all aspects of managing private forest properties. I have gained invaluable diverse forestry experience to add to my broad international background. I am sure I will continue to benefit from being part of the TRANSFOR-M alumni."

-Aleksi Ehtee, UEF and UNB graduate-


"Coming to Finland for the first year of the TRANSFOR-M program has been such an amazing opportunity to get to know the incredibly unique Finnish culture. Though it can take some getting used to when you first arrive, Finnish people never cease to surprise with things like their love of the tango and constant desire to welcome you into their homes. The classes at UEF are truly international. When you come here, you don't just learn about forestry in Finland, but forestry all over Europe and the world. There is a lot of independent study and group project work, which allows you to get to know your classmates and discuss differences in your countries. Although it seems a little far away from everything at first, Joensuu is a great place to live. For such a small city there is always something to do, from amazing music concerts to skiing and ice fishing on the lake. I am so happy that I decided to come to Finland for my year abroad!"

-April Connolly, UEF and UNB student-


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