Practical issues

If you are planning to come to UEF or you are already studying at UEF,  you can find all the relevant information concerning your studies at UEF in the Student Handbook Kamu. Please also check the information below.

Accommodation, residence permits, registration and general information

Accommodation: The Student Housing Office, Joensuun Elli, offers accommodation for the students in the shared 3-5 room apartments where each student occupies a single room. The residents of each apartment share a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. The average monthly rent is approximately 140-350 EUR per month. More information in the web pages of The Student Housing Office, Joensuun Elli.

Residence permits and visas: Information on residence permits and visas in Finland can be found at the web pages of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Registration as a student of the University of Eastern Finland and other practical issues related to studying at UEF can be found at the web pages of the Student and Learning Services.

For the general information about Finnish society and living in Finland, check "Infopankki" page.

Insurance: The University of Easter Finland expects that the students arriving to study at UEF, have an adequate insurance. Also the requirements of the residence permit include that the student has an adequate insurance. If you do not have an insurance, you could check the information provided by UEF at the web pages of the Student and Learning Services.

How to arrive at Joensuu?

From Helsinki by train:

A train from Helsinki to Joensuu takes about 5 hours. For further information on the schedules and the prices, please click Finnish railways, VR.

From Helsinki by plane:

A flight from Helsinki to Joensuu takes about 1 hour.  Schedules can be checked and flights booked eg. through Finnair. A cost for a single ticket for Helsinki - Joensuu - Helsinki from 80 - 400 EUR depending on the time of the day and how early you book your tickets. 


The local Transfor- M advisor(s) and student tutors will help Transfor-M students with all practical questions.

The things you need to do before your arrival at Joensuu

1. Send your confirmation form where you accept your study place to the Admissions Services of UEF. More details are included in the package you receive upon your acceptance.

2. Apply for accommodation. You need to apply for accommodation as soon as you have accepted your study place at UEF. In most cases the rooms are offered without furniture and there are only a few furnished rooms (a room is furnished only if it is mentioned in the offer). You also need to accept the offer as soon as possible as otherwise you might not be able to have accommodation.

3. Apply for a residence permit. Please make sure that you have adequate insurance and for the proof of finances, you could use the Transfor-m scholarship acceptance letter.

3. Inform the coordinator and your student tutor in Joensuu about your arrival time.

The things you need to do upon your arrival at Joensuu

1. Visit the student housing office, Joensuun Elli to sign your lease and the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (eg. survival packages, student id cards etc.) as soon as you arrive at Joensuu,

2. Rent a bike from Kansalaistalo Soroppi (In Joensuu it is very handy to go by bike).

3. Register as a present student at the Student and learning Services in Aurora building if you were not able to it electronically.

4. Activate your UEF username and password so that you have access to the computers. More information upon registration.


Maps of Joensuu and campus area


VR (Finnish railways)
Joensuu airport
City of Joensuu
Facts about North Carelia
Student union