Master's Degree Programme in Forestry (Transatlantic Forestry Master programme)

TRANSatlantic FORestry Master (TRANSFOR-M) is a two-year Master's degree programme leading to a European and a Canadian Master's degrees in forestry and environmental management. As a TRANSFOR-M student you will study modern sustainable forestry and environmental management approaches and gain multicultural perspectives on environmental, economic, and social issues. Your studies will consist of one-year studies in Finland and one-year studies in Canada.

Upon successful completion of the programme at the University of Eastern Finland, you will be awarded a MSc (Agr. & For) degree certificate by the University of Eastern Finland and a MSc degree certificate by the Canadian university where you studied one year.

Transfor-M programme in Europe is coordinated by the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany and in Canada by the University of New Brunswick. Click on the Consortium link on the left to find out more about our Consortium universities.

Transfor-M at the University of Eastern Finland

At UEF as the home university Transfor-M programme welcomes applications from students who are currently studying forest sciences at the University of Eastern Finland or hold a Bachelor's degree in forest sciences. Our programme specific application period is open from 1 November 2020 to 15 January 2021 for studies starting in autumn 2021.

Transfor-M has been running since 2011, and we are proud to say that our graduates have made exceptionally impressive careers, many of them attributing their career success to our programme! Click on the Students' Voices link on the left to hear what our current students and alumni have to say about us.

Why choose UEF?

"The classes at UEF are truly international. When you come here, you don't just learn about forestry in Finland, but forestry all over Europe and the world."

-April Connolly, Canada-

"Having two master’s degrees and international experience will no doubt be a great advantage when applying for jobs no matter where I decide to work: in Finland or abroad."

-Aleksi Ehtee, Finland-