NB! The International Master´s Degree Programme in Innovation Management does not admit new students after the intake in 2019. The programme continues as a Finnish Master´s Degree Programme.

Thinking outside the box is critical for organisational competitiveness and survival. This has created a need for a new type of business professional with an understanding of how innovation, change and renewal are initiated and achieved in organisations.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Innovation Management provides students with expertise in initiating and leading change in enterprises and other organisations. Students will learn how to manage projects and processes around product and service design, human resources, strategy and in sales, marketing and customer care.

Students learn to identify opportunities for renewal, to apply the right methods and tools for innovation and change and to implement challenging development projects within specific areas of business. Students will also improve their communication and co-operation competence as well as information-seeking, analytical and problem-solving skills. They will acquire the confidence to take initiative, make decisions and carry things through in a responsible manner. They will also learn to assess the outcomes of innovation and change initiatives.

Smart Start -guide for the new students is now published! Please find it here.



The two-year Innovation Management studies is designed to give students the skills to initiate and lead innovation and renewal in companies, start-ups, family businesses, and large organizations. Through hands-on projects, close collaboration with companies, and working with case studies, the students learn to combine analytical and creative thinking in leading innovation. Our highly qualified faculty utilize the latest research and pedagogical knowledge in creating an interactive and supportive learning environment.  With a personalized learning plan, each student builds a personal competence portfolio for pursuing a management or a specialist career in business. The Curriculum also provides skills to operate in an academic field.

Major in Innovation Management programme is concerned with the renewal of business and organisations. The key issue is the creation of new modes of action, processes, products and services – innovations. Innovations determine the competitiveness of a company, hence the need for innovators in working life. The secret of success for every enterprise and individual is the ability for renewal.

Innovation Management will teach you to identify opportunities for renewal, to apply the right methods and tools for renewal work and to accomplish challenging renewal and development projects. Being innovative entails both the ability to question prevailing practices and to create new ones. You will learn to lead, plan and implement development and renewal projects connected to organizing, strategy, personnel resources, sales and customer care.


As a specialist in Innovation Management the graduate will have a wide range of career prospects depending on one's own particular interest. Graduates will find opportunities in various types of organisations: from small enterprises to the business units of multinational companies and public-sector organisations.

Gradua Omat sivustot tes will have excellent prospects for placements as business experts, change consultants, managers and entrepreneurs. Students specialising in innovation management typically begin their careers as team leaders, project leaders, experts and consultants, moving on to line manager and managerial positions. Many of our graduates start their own businesses or take a position in family enterprises.