MSc European Forestry students' voices

Please see below student stories from our MSc EF graduates and current students. You can also check Sabrina's blog about her MSc EF studies HERE.

  • Zsuzsanna Peter, Romania
    Imagine a tiny girl from the foot of the Carpathian Mountains; she lives in a small village, and one sunny day gets an email from Finland with an opportunity to live and study a Masters programme in European Forestry. Jolly good! Right? It might sound like a fairy-tale but keep reading as I will take you through my Erasmus Mundus experience from a slightly different perspective.

  • Alan Ferreira Batista, Brazil
    Definitely, the European Forestry program has changed my life. In addition, the opportunity to live in Europe and especially in Finland has opened my mind and a world of opportunities. I still sometimes think it was a dream these amazing two years, where I could gain a lot of knowledge and make lifetime friends.

  • Emmanuel Da Ponte Canova, Paraguay
    One of the things that treasure the most from my MSc period are the incredible people that I meet, (which some became part of my current life), and the life experiences that I got at personal and professional level. There not enough words to describe all the amazing moments lived over those 2 years.

  • Basanta Gautam, Nepal
    I really encourage new students, especially from developing countries, to apply for the upcoming MScEF courses. This will provide opportunities to adopt practices of blend of knowledge developed in versatile institutions working in Erasmus Mundus Mobility Programme.

  • Jaume Gort-Oromi, Spain
    Hello, I am Jaume, nowadays working as International Sales Manager in Kesla Oy a Finnish forest machine Manufacturer. For me the MSc EF programme was the first of many opportunities and new challenges that came afterwards.

  • David Gritten, UK
    For me one of the clearest opportunities offered by the programme was meeting a whole host of experts from academic and professional circles, the kind of people that open doors for you just through having the time to discuss ideas, encouraging the exploration of numerous avenues that I never considered.

  • Alain Joseph, Canada
    I know that the relationships which I have developed within the MSc EF programme have opened doors for me around the world and will help me further my career and enjoy my private life.

  • Muhammad Sohail, Pakistan
    Because of this program I happened to see the world in terms of travelling, meeting new people and experiencing unique traditions, which, I suppose, are the key elements in one's personal development.

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Student union of the University of Eastern Finland, ISYY

All MSc EF students become members of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland after paying the student union fee and are entitled  eg. to subsidised student meals, travel discounts and the services provided by Finnish Student Health Service.


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