Short-term scholarships for academic scholars and guest lecturers

MSc European Forestry programme invites academic scholars/guest lecturers to contribute to the joint programme.

The selected invited academic scholars/guest lecturers will carry out research or teaching assignments as part of the MSc European Forestry programme. The minimum duration of the stay is 4-7 consecutive days (one week). Days of scholar work may include travelling time.

The Erasmus Mundus scholar grant is 1,500 euro per week for a visit to/from full partner in Europe inside Europe and 2,000 euro per week if the visit is to/from Associated partners outside Europe.

Invited  scholars/guest lecturers should demonstrate outstanding academic and/or professional experience and bring concrete added value to the MSc EF programme and its students. Scholars/guest lecturers should come from MSc EF Consortium universities or Associated partners of the MSc EF Consortium (scholars from outside the Consortium may also be considered, but in such case they should be clearly linked to MSc EF programme).  If you want to apply, please contact Ms Marjoriitta Möttönen (marjoriitta.mottonen(at)