University of Eastern Finland

School of Forest sciences

Founded in 1982, the School of Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland is an international research and education centre, providing the highest level of expertise in forestry and related sciences. The School of Forest Sciences is an internationally renowned research and education centre which produces highly competent and responsible professionals with excellent management skills for forestry and other environmental management fields for Finland and the rest of the world. The School's situation in the City of Joensuu places it at the core of a dynamically developing national centre of expertise in the forest, wood, and environmental sciences as well as education.

The School of Forest Sciences has over 300 undergraduates and approximately 80 post-graduate students. Each autumn about 70 new forestry students begin their studies.


CBU FOR students major in European forestry and they can specialize in A. Management and ecology of forest ecosystems, B. Forest mensuration and planning, C. Forest economics and policy or in D. Wood technology and wood materials science.

Research priorities

The research priorities in our school are:

  • Effects of climate change on forests
  • Forest ecology and biodiversity
  • Multi-objective and participatory forest planning
  • Wood science
  • Wood procurement
  • Forest resource inventory and GIS
  • Economic evaluation of forest benefits
  • Forest economy and marketing
  • Forest energy and its procurement