CBU FOR Joint thesis seminar

The objectives of the CBU FOR Joint thesis seminar are to obtain knowledge on scientific research processes, to get practice on written and oral research reporting, to get acquainted with receiving academic feedback and to develop academic skills on critical evaluation and reflection.

To pass the CBU FOR Joint thesis seminar you need to participate in online thesis seminars, to present your MSc thesis research plan and your final MSc thesis, and to write a reflective report on your thesis research process.

Thesis seminar presentations

Please note that the discussion forum related to the presentations 1 January 2016 onwards will be available in Moodle course site.

The presentations below should be able to be followed without having UEF username and password. However, in case the system requires, please type your UEF username and password in the relevant box or find the presentation in the Moodle course site.

Development of bioenergy in the North-West Region of Russia. Open until 31 July 2020.
Anastasia Livitchuk (Russia)

Wood contribution in earthquake-resistant buildings: a literature review. Open until 25 June 2020.
Alejandra Ramirez Lopez (Columbia)

Effects of forest management on timber production in Scots pine, Norway spruce and Silver birch stands in Moscow area based on forest ecosystem model simulations. Open until 26 November 2019.
Kseniia Ulianova (Russia)

Drought sensitivity of silver fir and Scots pine over the 20th century in northern Czech Republic. Open until17 June 2019.
Thaís da Silva Reis Prado (Brazil)

Automatic segmentation of forest stands using sentinel-2 and tandem-x data. Open until 10 June 2019.
Kseniia Plevak (Russia)

Usability of satellite data based forest canopy density maps using LiDAR data as reference data for forest fires management purposes. Open until 10 June 2019.
Alejandro Barrios Becerra (Spain)

Forest professionals in the face of climate change. Open until 10 June 2019.
Anna Taskila (Finland)

Helping users find suitable ecosystem service decision support tools - disaggregative approach. Open until 6 June 2019.
Mitja Nousiainen (Finland)

Analysis and characteristics of the forest conflicts in Europe. Open until 4 April 2019.
Daniela Tináková (Slovakia)

Characterization of forest fires in Eastern Spain - Modelling the proposition of burnt area. Open until  15 February 2019.
Marina Peris Llopis (Spain)

Investigation of effect of fertilization on survival potential of different willow species on the cut-over peat production area: case Savonneva. Open until 17 Dec 2018.
Olga Kislitsyna (Russia)

Optical satellite imagery based canopy cover estimation in tropical dryland forest of Senegal. Open until 25 October 2018.
Valeriya Serbina (Russia)

Effects of forest management and tree species on the nest carbon balance of forest biomass production and timber utilization in boreal conditions. Open until 22 October 2018.
Anna Botcula (Russia)

Wood flows and wood balance in Northwest Russia. Open until 7 May 2018.
Konstantin Magliui (Russia)

Estimating leaf area index from satellite images in boreal forest using a reflectance model. Open until 23 February 2018.
Daniel Schraik (Austria)

Assessment of Igniscum® (Fallopia sachalinensis var. 'Igniscum' and Sida (Sida hermaphrodita) as raw material for pellet production in Finland: cultivation and chemical and physical characteristics (open until 1 February 2018)
Nikolaos Papamatthaiakis (Greece)

An analysis of forest management non-conformities in FSC-certified companies operating in Russia (open until 13 June 2017)
Tatiana Kolosovskaya (Russia)

Comparative analysis of system planning and conducting a sustainable forestry in Finland and on the north-west of Russia (open until 18 May 2017)
Ekaterina Malykhina (Russia)

Development of short-rotation willow plantation for waterwaste purification: Case Outokumpu (open until 7 February 2017)
Nikolai Evstishenkov (Russia)

Implications of reforesting industrial pasture land in Brazil (open until 17 January 2017)
Nicholas Davison (UK)

The effect of thermal sums gradient on the occurrence of epidemic Ips typographus outbreaks in European part of Russia
Ivan Romashkin (Russia)

Implementation of regional bioenergy programmes in Finland and Russia - A comparative study of North Karelia and Sverdlovsk region.
Anastasia Juhász (Russia)

The effect of forest soil productivity and vegetation type on Diprionid Sawflies cocoon predation
Mar Ramos Sanz (Spain)

Spruce and pine sawnwood import to Estonia: Econometric analysis using times series data
Toomas Vabamäe (Estonia)

The effect of cost on planning forest road network with flow accumulation method and graph - a contrastive analysis
Antti Hiltunen (Finland)

Outlook for residential wood construction in Europe - A backcasting approach
Emilia Palojärvi (Finland)

Testing of the Russian version of the MOTTIKarelia decision support system
Mariia Gutman (Russia)

Forest road quality detection based on Lidar data
Katalin Kiss (Hungary)

Impact of the EU timber regulation on Russian companies exporting wood and wood based products
Elena Neshataeva (Russia)

Potential opportunities and threats for the Russian forest sector caused by the membership in the World Trade Organization
Julia Maximova (Russia)

Prospects for Nordic intensive forest management solutions in Karelia
Sergei Senko (Russia)

Application of GIS technology for efficient forestry management on example Russian company
Aliaksandr Holubeu (Russia)

Rapid assessment of energy biomass resources using aerial photographs from unmanned aerial vehicles
Anna Lopatina (Russia)

Social safeguards in the context of Ghana's FLEGT-VPA: A case study based on perspectives of key experts and community representatives
Isabel Muñoz Hidalgo (Spain)

Profitability of forestry in Finland and in Russia
Teemu Saramäki (Finland)

Automatic tree species recognition using high resolution remote sensing data from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Artur Voyto (Russia)

Pellet production - Establishing the development of the pellet industry in Russia using Canada and Finland as a benchmark
Natalie Trofimencoff (Canada)

Perspective of forestry professionals on bioenergy production in Nepal
Yamuna Baral (Nepal)

Application of low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle for individual tree height measurements
Anton Kuzmin (Russia)

The analysis of efficiency of forest chip transportation from Russian Karelia to Finland
Maxim Trishkin (Russia)

Water resistance of wood-based energy pellets-development of methodology and examples
Lu Ren (China)

Forest owners perspective and attitude towards bioenergy in Eno and Tuupovaara Joensuu Finland
Tanke Aba Samson (Cameroon)

Structure and growth analysis of reed canary grass
Mahesh Thapaliya (Nepal)