Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University

The history of Saint Petersburg Forest Technical University (earlier Academy) dates back to 1803 when the first special forest education institution was founded by a decree of Emperor Alexander the First. Currently the University has 7 different faculties: forestry, forest engineering, chemical technology of wood, and humanities.

The faculty trains pedagogical and scientific staff and high-skilled  professionals for the Russian forestry. The faculty has successfully combined theory and practice, traditions and innovations in tis activity. Multilevel preparation of experts (engineers, bachelors and masters) is carried out. International students from several countries study at the faculty.

The herbarium of Russian Federation which have a status of world heritage. The Faculty has museums of Forest Entomology named by Rimsky-Korsakov, Biology of forest animals and birds named by Silantiev and museum of Soils, minerals and silviculture named by Morozov. The arboretum of Biological garden  has a collection of more than 1500 species of wood plants both local and introduced. Two experimental forest stations - Lisinski (28000 ha) and Okhtinsky (1700 ha) and Botanical garden (64 ha) are used for practical training.


Specialists in the field of forestry, reforestation, forest inventory and management, ecology, GIS, information support of forest complex, hunting, forest quarantine, landscape architecture and urban greening and also teachers for colleges and high educational establishments are trained at the faculty.

Research priorities

  • Optimization of Russian forestry and forest resources use
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Study, inventory and conservation of forest biodiversity
  • Implementation of computer and GIS technologies in forestry
  • Study of carbon balance (cycle) in forest ecosystems
  • Forest monitoring and forest inventory
  • Studies of forest growth tendency in conditions of climate