New business from making sorting and recycling easy (Lajitin)

The aim of the project “New business from making sorting and recycling easy” (Lajitin) is to enhance energy and material efficiency and through that enable the development of new business ideas and the commercialization of new, demand-based and customer-centric products and services to consumer markets. Furthermore, the goal is to develop networks and cooperation that support the use of material and energy flows locally. The project enhances also the creation of pro-environmental attitudes and behavior.

The project identifies new business opportunities by examining the barriers involved in household waste management (sorting and recycling) and the needs related to making ecologically sustainable choices more convenient and attractive. Based on the obtained knowledge, firms from different industries together with consumers and other actors develop and test new solutions to meet these needs. In addition to households, the new solutions will be brought to workplaces. Consequently, the project helps to root the ideas and practices of circular economy deeper into the behavior of North Karelian households and firms.

As a result, waste that is better sorted and thus more suitable for further use is generated. The firms will get support to their activities related to R&D, commercialization and marketing. Consumers will get information and the possibility to affect the development of new pro-environmental solutions. Network generated during the project will be available to further work on sustainable development and related business opportunities. Finally, together with other projects in the area this project is part of building the image of North Karelia as environmentally friendly area.

Regional Council of North Karelia granted European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the project. It is carried out by the University of Eastern Finland and North Karelia Martha Organization in cooperation with Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK Ltd, Central Karelia Development Company KETI Ltd, Puhas Ltd and BioKymppi Ltd.

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